How to Register For A Marriage?

The proof of the Marriage Registration is the Marriage Certificate.
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Marriage Registration Procedure

Under the Hindu Marriage Act:

The couple who want to register the marriage must apply to the office of the registrar in whose jurisdiction both or either of them resides or residing for the period of 6 months immediately preceding the date of marriage registration. Within one month from the date of marriage both the parties have to present themselves before the Registrar of marriages with their guardians, parents or other witnesses If one get delayed than in that case the delay may be condoned by the registrar upto the period of 5 years and after that it can be done by the District Registrar concerned.

Under the Special Marriage Act:

The couple who intended to solemnize the marriage has to give the notice to the Marriage Registrar within whose jurisdiction either of the parties is residing for about one month immediately preceding the date of notice. The said notice must be affixed at the notice board of the office of Marriage officer. In case either of the parties resides within the jurisdiction of the other marriage officer then in that case he/she has to send the copy of this notice for similar type of publication. After the expiry of the 30 days from the publication of the notice the marriage may be solemnized if no objections are received. However in case of the receipt of any objection of any type the marriage officer has to enquire the matter and take the decisions accordingly that whether the marriage may be solemnized or not. The marriage gets registered after the solemnization of the marriage.

Subject to some conditions any marriage that has already been solemnized can be registered under Special Marriage Act after being giving the 30 days public notice. However for the registration it is necessary that the bride must be of 18 yrs and the bridegroom must have attained the age of 21 yrs.